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The Department of Radiology at GMERS Medical College, Sola is a specialized department which strives to meet all patient and clinician needs in diagnostic imaging and image-guided therapies.

It has been growing over the years and today is one of the leading departments in the field of Radiology, attracting patients from far and wide. 
WE have 16 slice CT scan machine Emotion 16 from Siemens company.
Having facility  of CR system - Digital Xrays and Orthopantomography machine for dental OPG work.
High end USG machine with transrectal probe facility .
Our department offers round the clock emergency, X-Ray , Ultrasound and CT scan facilities managed by radiologist Doctors and Radiographers. Reporting is done on the spot for routine as well as urgent cases to help each and every and patient as well as other departments by immediate diagnosis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Daily diagnostic ultrasonography of more than  150 patients are being done. Computerized report has been given to patients on the spot. We also maintain quality work as possible through available resources. No date is given to indoor patients for immediate and advanced care to the patient and almost 80 % of OPD patients are covered for USG same day. We also do USG guided aspiration of liver abscess, ascites, pleural effusion, USG guided FNAC. 

Daily we do more than 300 X-rays by trained radiographers. Before dispatching X-rays we do immediate reporting of X-rays. So patients take reported X-rays.

Barium swallow, barium meal follow up, HSG,IVP,sinogram,fistulogram Like procedures also done in our department.
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1 Dr. Falguni Shah Professor & Head View
2 Dr. Manisha Solanki Assistant Professor View
3 Dr. Sunil Charpot Assistant Professor View
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Role of Honour
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Sr No Publication Title Publication Short Desc Posted Date Download
1 1. Role of abdominal Sonography in Diagnosis and Follow up of in patients of Enteric fever Gujarat Medical Journal, Dec 2001, Vol 50 No.3. Enteric Fever 09/09/2015 Download
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3 4. Case study of Antenatal Diagnosis of autosomal dominant foetal Polycystic Kidneys, Gujarat Medical journal, Dec 2002, Vol59, No.3. Antenatal Diagnosis of autosomal dominant foetal Polycystic Kidneys, 09/09/2015 Download
4 5. Case report on Ante partum Diagnosis of Placenta Accreta, Indian Journal of Radiology, Nov 2004 Vol 14 No. 4. Placenta Accreta, 09/09/2015 Download
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7 8. Study of role of MDCT in pulmonary angiography in evaluation of pulmonary arteries patterns in children with tetralogy of fallot; Int J Res Med. 2013; 2(4);14-17 MDCT pulmonary arteries in tetralogy of fallot; 09/09/2015 Download
8 9. Study of role of MRI in evaluation of ligamentous injuries of knee in traumatic patients;Int J Res Med. 2013; 2(4);81-84 MRI in evaluation of ligamentous injuries of knee 09/09/2015 Download
9 10. Evaluation of rubber band ligation as an outpatient procedure in the treatment of internal hemorrhoids-a prospective study: IJORM. 2013; 2(1);42-46 Rubber band ligation of internal hemorrhoids 09/09/2015 Download
10 11. Comparative study between primary suturing and open method of fistulectomy in case of perianal fistula. IJORM. 2013 fistulectomy in case of perianal fistula. 09/09/2015 Download
11 12. Scientific poster presentation on crohn’s disease- fistulating type involving small bowel in 61st national conference of IRIA 2008 Bangalore crohn’s disease- fistulating type involving small bowel 09/09/2015 Download
12 13 . Paper presentation on role of MRI in knee injuries in 63st national conference of IRIA 2010 Ahmedabad role of MRI in knee injuries 09/09/2015 Download
13 14. Antenatal Diagnosis of aneurysmal dilatation of vein of galen Feb 2013 VOl 8 No. 2 Antenatal Diagnosis of aneurysmal dilatation of vein of galen 09/09/2015 Download
14 15. heterogeneous wall thickening of gall bladder of Xanthogrnulomatous cholecystitis or carcinoma with type III choledochal cyst British Medical Journal March 2012 gall bladder of Xanthogrnulomatous cholecystitis or carcinoma with type III choledochal cyst 09/09/2015 Download
15 16, Unicentric Castleman`s Disease of Abdomen Journal of Radiology Case report March 2013 Unicentric Castleman`s Disease of Abdomen 09/09/2015 Download
16 17.Role of Sonophysterography in evaluation of Endometrial patholgy. March 2014 Sonophysterography in Endometrial patholgy 09/09/2015 Download
17 18. Importance of ultrasonography and colour doppler in evaluation of bowel pathology in clinically suspected cases.JMR 2015; 1(1): 26-32 January- February © 2015, USG and Bowel pathology 09/09/2015 Download
18 19. STUDY OF 90 CASES OF PATHOLOGY INVOLVING MUSCLE AND TENDON BY ULTRASONOGRAPHY AND MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING., vol 2 Issue 4 2015) British Journal of Research Muscle and tendon pathology 18/09/2015 Download
19 20. Ameloblastoma – A locally destructive and invasive tumour – A case report .International journal of Scientific research Journal Vol 4 issue 4 April 2015. Ameloblastoma 09/09/2015 Download
20 3.Case report of Congenital Teratoma of Nasopharynx Indian Journal of Radiology, May 2002, Vol 12 No. 2. Congenital teratoma 09/09/2015 Download
21 21. Current role of high frequency ultrasonography & color Doppler in diagnosis of scrotal diseases Scrotal Ultrasound 30/09/2015 Download
23 23. postmenopausal woman with mass felt in vagina dont forget to see for uterine inversion British Medical Journal February 2012 Uterien Inversion 09/09/2015 Download
24 24. Evaluation of breast lesions with ultrasonography and colour doppler Int J Int Med Res. 2015; 2(3):32-36 Breast USG 31/10/2015 Download
25 25. EVALUATION OF PAROTID GLAND PATHOLOGY BY ULTRASONOGRAPHY AND COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY IMAGING Ultrasonography (USG) is the first diagnostic procedure to evaluate suspected parotid lesions. USG is capable of differentiating benign and malignant parotid masses. Computed Tomography (CT) is essential for confirmation of diagnosis and preoperative workup in staging of malignancy. 03/09/2020 Download
26 26 .Evaluation of Primary Lung Malignancy by CT study of 100 cases CT scan in LUNG Mlaignancy 03/09/2020 Download
27 27. Role of HU and HH ratio in unenhanced CT brain in diagnosis of cerebral sinus venous thrombosis CT scan in cerebral venous sinus thrombosis 03/09/2020 Download
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